Flooring Renovations


Renovating your floors is a great way to upgrade the aesthetics of any space.

We take great pride in every installation insuring a sound floor every time. Upgrading your flooring should suite you personality. On our initial meeting we'll be asking you questions and getting to know the direction you want/need the renovation to go in. What's your lifestyle like? Are children playing in this space? Do you have a dog? These questions all play a role in making the correct investment that you'll enjoy for years.

Flooring Renovation Questions:

How long will it take to renovate my floors?

Every flooring renovation is slightly different and requires a consultation meeting so both the contractor and homeowner can grasp a clear understanding of the job.

Are all hardwood flooring products created equal?

Unfortunately not, a big factor in the quality of the hardwood is the finish. Although its a plus you can refinish hardwood flooring, you also want to enjoy your investment for many years. Dimensions, uniformity and species along with other details will also play a role in your hardwoods endurance.

Will I live in chaos while the renovation takes place?

Our team goes to great extents to keep your life peaceful. Renovating is a loud and messy job but our team will move, cover and respect all your belongings as their own. We keep communication a top priority during any renovation. With clear communication we can customize your renovation to better suite your everyday life/routine.


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