About Us

JFS Construction specializes in home renovation and light commercial construction. We care about your gracious older home or business, we enjoy bringing it up to modern building standards while respecting its original character and integrating your desires.

When a new additon is part of the project, we strive to keep the overall look harmonious. We have experience in working with heritage homes, where every detail needs to be authentic. We have also created beautiful blends of old and new looks.

JFS Construction has been providing quality home renovations in Southern Ontario since 1995. Every job, from the installation of a single window to a full home makeover, receives meticulous attention.

We understand that making changes to the home you love can be stressful, and we work closely with you every step of the way. We are considerate of your living environment and your property.

We listen carefully and address your concerns. Your satisfaction and referrals provide the key to our success.

I have been fortunate over the years working in residential construction.

From the beginning I worked and learned from some great builders and trades. Doing work properly has been imbeded in our every day work ethic.

This is not a side job for us and we treat this profession in a very high manner.

Constant changes are happenning yearly with products and regulations. Some things that dont change are quality. From the materials used to the installation procedure.

Framing custom homes for 12 years was probably the best time spent for me personally , learning quality from the ground up to the finish.This was not only locally but a month spent in Germany doing quality framing.

Surrounding ourselves with trades that our professional is a must for a competent end result. The workmanship I see sometimes leaves very little to the imagination.

Shingles with 1 nail, major fires covered up, floor joists cut and repaired improperly are only a fraction of what I see in a year. What I see sometimes is a lack of skills and conscience I think.
Getting work done for cash or fly by nighters is not a road we travel as the results generally speak for themselves.

That brings me to reality television, a house make over in 30 minutes is not reality. We all wish it happened that way but it does not. Quality work takes a bit longer and costs a little more but the results are always better in my experiences.”

Fred Holst - Owner/Operator - JFS Construction